Aqua Best started as a humble mom and pop operation located in downtown New York City just blocks away from the original location of The Fulton Fish Market. Through our decades of experience, we learned the secret to obtaining great seafood.

We work directly with local fishermen, and constantly in tune with the seasonal nature of our products. For a majority of the items that we carry, we source our own boats or contract boats to fish for us, thus ensuring that you, the customer, are getting the best quality seafood possible,

We also set up our own buying station located in Martha’s vineyard and long island, in the mission to bring the freshest local catches that are caught and sold the very same day in our retail location. Aqua Best is also licensed to export and import seafood from and to all over the world.

While our family run business has grown, we are still very hands on in everything we buy. We make sure we control the entire process from picking up the fish directly from the boat to overseeing that every fish is handled properly.

"Our Mission is to make seafood approachable to everyone. We do it with care, integrity, and assurance in quality."


2nd Generation Seafood Specialist