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Aqua Best Inc. Family founded, ran the way it should be, with quality and assurance.


Aqua Best originally started out as a mom and pop store located in downtown New York City just blocks away from the original Fulton Fish Market. In the olden days , good seafood was readily available in the market but the secret to obtaining great seafood was to directly deal with the fishermen. Therefore in the 1980‘s my parents traveled as far north as Maine and as down south as Virginia in order to find the best source of seafood. Our underlying strategy was to secure the highest quality seafood in order to give our company a competitive edge. By doing so, we also discovered that by acquiring the freshest seafood from the local fishermen, we were also receiving better pricing on the seafood. During the beginning stages of our company, seafood lovers were only well acquainted with Maine lobster and Maryland blue crab. Throughout the past few decades we’ve come to realize that seafood has different seasons in a year just as we do. Due to our longevity in the business, we have become experts in knowing which types of seafood flourish during specific months and areas of the ocean. Our expertise is what makes the difference between good seafood and magnificent seafood.

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In 2006, we moved Aqua Best into Lower East Side, which is in the heart of NYC. Our relocation could not have been a better choice because this area is well known for providing a wide assortment of fresh seafood at reasonable prices. In 2011 alone, Aqua Best moved about 1 million pounds of lobsters as well as the exclusive Fourchu Lobster.

From owning a fishing vessel in Virginia twenty odd years ago to opening a retail store in the heart of downtown New York and then catering to some of the most prestigious restaurants as well as new and upcoming chefs, we have learned how to identify what our customers need and want. With New York City being the epicenter of the Northeast seafood market, our resources used to import seafood from around the world as well as our personal buying stations become your advantage. Our own buying stations in Martha’s Vineyard, located in Cape Cod provide much of the salt water fish that chef’s are vying for while our other dock in Long Island New York helps bring in many of the local catches that are caught and sold the VERY same day.

Through our experience, we can help educate our customers in regards to which fisheries are sustainable as well as whether or not the fish are handled responsibly and humanely.

Quality - For a majority of the items that we carry, we source our own boats or contract boats to fish for us, thus ensuring that you, the customer, are getting the best quality seafood possible.

Assurance - Our family run business is still very hands on in everything we buy. While our company has grown, we still make sure we control the entire process from picking up the fish directly from the boat to overseeing that every fish is handled properly.Through this, we have built our reputation of assurance to our ever growing clients.

2nd Generation Seafood Specialist
Steven Wong