Blue Crabs (Local Delivery Only)

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$ 26.00

The sweet tasting crab is like none other in the world. Old Bay, beer, or your own special blend spices this crab will taste so good in any way, you’ll wonder why you did not order more! Many places do have this special blue crab in stock because of its short mortality. We deal directly with the fishermen daily to ensure quality and freshness. We will even throw a few in because we know some does not always make it.

Sustainable - Blue crabs are seasonally caught from the shores of Long Island all the way to South Carolina. Trapped in crab pots in a very sustainable fashion, there is even a surge in populations of blue crabs recently!

Blue Crabs are shipped Live and sold in Dozens.

Fishmonger's note:

Blue crabs love to be kept cool around 55-60 degrees. It's best not to put the crab in the refrigerator and just in the kitchen’s room temperature. 

Female crabs have an orange tip on their claws while male crabs are blue tipped. Soft shell blue crabs are available in the summertime!

Don’t forget to add old bay for the all American classic taste