Live King Crab 7-9 lb Size (Local Delivery Only)

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$ 600.00 / Piece


From the deep waters of the Norway to our tanks, we worked closely with fishermen that catches these King Crabs. You can taste the rich and sweet favors of the tender king crab meat when steamed with a butter.

Fishmonger's note:

Please keep King crab under cold conditions at all times, they love the cold and the colder the better!

We pack your king crab in an insulated box with frozen gel packs to make sure the crab is comfortable in the chilly environment.

The whole body and cap of the crab can be used. Take the cap and it's a delicious ingredient to make crab butter!

Live king crab should be cooked and eaten the same day as it is delivered to ensure quality and flavor.

King crabs can grow up to 28 lbs and male crabs tend to be bigger than the female crabs.