Red Snapper

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$ 15.99 / Pound

Flown in from the Caribbeans. The red snapper is beyond popular in the warm tropical island of the Caribbeans. Fried with creole sauce or just pan friend. The firm, flaky fish has a medium flavor that is almost just the right touch of fish in it.

Lutjanus campechanus, is one of the most sought-after fish in the Gulf of Mexico, prized by both commercial and recreational fishermen. Red snapper makes excellent table fare and is featured in many fine restaurants. Whether baked, broiled, grilled or fried, this mild-flavored fish always delivers a gratifying culinary experience and is also a very healthy food source.

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Fishmonger's note:

Keep refrigerated at all times.

Cook with the skin side down first.

You can ask for the fish to be filleted or butterflied, just put it in the special instructions on check out.

Need fish stock? You can also request for the bones of the snapper if you have it filleted for an amazing tasty fish stock.