Snow Crab Legs

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$ 26.99 / Pound

Trapped in the deep waters of Atlantic northern Canada. These crabs have been a staple in our seafood consumption for quite a while. Crack, Snap and Eat. Re-visit the days when you can just crack a crab shell and enjoy the sweet taste of the buttery Snow Crab.

Sustainable-Quota based catch system, where a certain amount is set by scientist and government to ensure that the species is well managed to ensure longevity.

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Fishmonger's note:

Keep frozen until ready to cook.

Snow crab legs are precooked, just reheat in a steaming pot to serve, we always prefer them to be steamed rather than to be boiled.

Sometimes, there are barnacles that grow on the shells of the snow crab, these are naturally occurring and can be scraped off before cooking.

Don't forget to add the crab cracker to make your crab dinner easier.